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At The Hunter Tech Group we have a long history of delivering business solutions using Oracle tools and technologies and we can offer many of these solutions as stand-alone products to our customers. Building upon the core foundations of Oracle applications, the The Hunter Tech Group product portfolio offers a range of industry-specific solutions that seamlessly integrate into your application and deliver those business functions that cannot be achieved using the standard product.

Requirement: An energy supplier required an Oracle ERP implementation and a bespoke customer billing system to move away from their outdated legacy green screen system. The new system needed to allow for the capture and maintenance of metering and energy usage data, produce customer bills and integrate with various systems to ensure bill production and payment processing.

man and pannels

Solution: The Hunter Tech Group delivered a full Oracle ERP implementation combined with an APEX (Application Express) system, a custom mobile meter reading application and web services, to allow customer data and energy usage to be captured and maintained. Energy charges and payment information is integrated with BI Publisher and a third party printing service to allow professional quality bills to be produced.

Benefits: The solution has delivered significant benefits for the customer, allowing them to decommission their legacy green screen system and provide staff with a modern, efficient and easy to use web application. The customer bills have been revamped and the print runs automated, improving the customer experience and saving significant time and costs for the organisation.

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